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Sigma Brokerage Tax & Insurance

December 20, 2022

Meet Angelica Papis, business owner of the new Sigma Brokerage Tax & Insurance since January 3rd, 2022. Angelica worked for a large tax firm for 3 years and decided to open her own business in Sunnyside. Angelica comes from a family of business owners and has had much experience working at her father’s Taxi Business as a bookkeeper since 2015. Angelica has had a passion for numbers which drove her to obtain her license in 2019. Papis currently has 6 Sunnyside business owners as clients and is working to expand her skillsets to the community. Angelica’s expertise goes from bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, workers’ compensation, notary, insurance(s), DMV Services, lease yellow taxi medallion, and printing/fax. When asked why she chose Sunnyside to open her business she said

 ” I always loved Sunnyside because it is community-based, it’s a close community and everyone looks out for one another”

Angelica is excited to share her knowledge of numbers in any of her areas of expertise by providing a (one-time) discount if the “merchant spotlight” is mentioned! Remember, tax season runs from January 2023- April 18th, 2023! Let us all welcome Angelica Papis to Sunnyside and think of “Sigma Brokerage Tax & Insurance” this tax season and beyond!

Sigma Brokerage Tax & Insurance

4710 39th Pl