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Senso Unico Restaurant

May 20, 2019

Vincenzo and Laura Garofalo are proud owners of the year old Senso Unico Restaurant located at 43-04 47th Avenue, Sunnyside, Queens. Using ingredients from local suppliers such as GrowNYC's Greenmarkets, Chef Vincenzo crafts innovative dishes and fuses new favors with traditional Italian dishes. From pumpkin favored beer tiramisu to Squid Ink Maccaronara and Bucatini Cacio e Pepe, the flavors are impeccable. Senso Unico, at it's heart is a love story. Love for family, love for food, love for culture, and love for people. At a young age, Vincenzo grew up helping his family cook and assisting at his grandfather's bakery business on the ground floor of their home near Naples. He continued to immerse himself in culinary, eventually becoming a professional chef in Italy.

Moving to New York City to be with his wife Laura, an Italian American who grew up in Astoria, Queens, they decided to open a restaurant together, eventually settling at 43-04 47th Avenue in Sunnyside. Now a year in, the restaurant continues to evolve with seasonal menus, dinner parties celebrating different regions of Italy and participation in events such as Taste of Sunnyside and now Sunnyside Restaurant Week, which ran from September 23-29, 2018. Make sure to look out for Senso Unico's quarterly dinner parties based on regions in Italy.