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May 20, 2019

Paper Plus Printing celebrates 17 years in Sunnyside

Since opening Paper Plus Printing on Valentine’s Day of 2000, Maria F. Calderón and Andres Melgar, husband and wife, have been delivering high quality business cards, flyers, menus, booklets, banners and much more to both businesses and individuals. “We also have a graphic design department here which is unusual for a printing shop,” Maria told us in a recent visit to her business.

A practicing lawyer in her home country, Colombia, Maria came to Queens looking for a change. It was here that she met Andres, a graphic designer. Together they decided to open their own place on Greenpoint Avenue and provide printing services to the local community. “I like customer service,” Maria says. Despite technological advances that make it easy to order prints online, she prefers it when customers communicate with her. “I like to advise people on their options. I try to help them all the time. I don’t want to lose that communication”.It does not mean however that Paper Plus Printing is lagging behind with technology. In 2015, for their business’ 15th anniversary, Maria and Andres renovated their place and introduced new digital production printing equipment. Digital production makes the printing process much faster and more affordable than the older offset production.

In addition, clients can have their order printed in smaller quantities. Maria says that “a few years ago, people would order 40,000 flyers in one batch. Today they want to do things step by step. Sometimes they order 50 business cards for the following day. With offset printing it was impossible, because that process involves many steps which make printing more expensive.” But worry not, offset printing is still around, and Maria and Andres use it for larger orders.

Work volume was never a problem at Paper Plus Printing, Maria told us. “We are a small business but we have a large capacity.” With the new digital production equipment, Maria and Andres added same-day services and are looking forward to having more clients from the neighborhood. “Sunnyside is a really great area. We are really happy to be here since it is multicultural. We had many local small-medium businesses supporting us for many years,” Maria says. Now, they are ready to step it up and work with even more businesses.

So, wish them a happy 17th anniversary and stop by for your digitally produced printed material!

Paper Plus Printing | 43-13 Greenpoint Avenue, Sunnyside | (718) 609 0056