RFP: Plaza Horticulture and Maintenance FY2022

Request for Proposals:

Plaza Maintenance and Horticultural Services

Sunnyside District Management Association Inc, dba Sunnyside Shines seeks proposals from qualified contractors to perform plaza maintenance services in Bliss and Lowery Plazas, located in Sunnyside, Queens. The services sought include horticultural services, plant watering and care, and sanitation services. Sunnyside Shines may select one contractor to perform the entire scope of work, or multiple contractors to perform specific scopes of work.


Jaime-Faye Bean

Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District

PO Box 4477

Sunnyside, NY 11104

Phone: (718) 606-1800



July 1, 2021– June 30, 2022


Horticultural Services:

The contractor will install four seasonal plantings (approximate dates: September, December, April and June) and perform topsoil remediation quarterly in the plaza planters. Each planter currently contains a centerpiece plant, which is expected to remain indefinitely, provided it remains in good condition. The seasonal plantings are expected to be installed in each planter and placed around the centerpiece. Plant materials will be selected based on the specific conditions of each plaza and its plant containers. Due to the plazas’ locations under the elevated train, a significant portion of the planters are located in shaded areas.

Typical seasonal plants are expected to include the following plants or a similar equivalent:

Spring: combination of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths

Summer: coleus, black-eyed susan, lavender, salvia

Fall: kale, cabbage, mums, asters

Winter: decorative evergreen boughs

The contractor will provide eight (8) half-day visits during the contract term dedicated to ensure quality of plant life, to be scheduled in consultation with Sunnyside Shines.

The contractor will replace plants as needed, upon direction of Sunnyside Shines and will submit a separate bill for replacement plantings.

The contractor shall provide a report to Sunnyside Shines with the proposed dates from plant installation and a report of services provided.

Plant Watering and Care:

The contractor will provide regular watering of the plants in the plaza planters in order to keep the plantings in good condition. The contractor will also remove any trash or debris from the planters during the watering shift.

The watering schedule will depend on the season, but is expected to include:

July and August: 5-6 times/week
September: 4 times/week
October-November: 2 times/week
December – March: no service anticipated
April and May: 3 times/week

During each shift the contractor is expected to spend approximately 2 minutes per planter with a watering device, ideally a pressurized hose, until water is observed flowing out of the bottom of the planter.

The contractor shall provide a report to Sunnyside Shines each month summarizing the services provided as well as any issues.


Bliss and Lowery Plazas in Sunnyside, Queens. Bliss Plaza is located at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and 46th Street. Lowery Plaza is located at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and 40th Street. The plazas are approximately 7000 square feet each and located at street level, underneath an elevated train structure.


Bliss Plaza

Planters: 16 total planters

10 large (4’ diameter)
6 small (3’ diameter)

Lowery Plaza:

Planters: 14 total planters

10 large (4’ diameter)
4 small (3’ diameter)


The contractor must provide Sunnyside Shines with proof of insurance coverage that complies with or exceeds the following requirements. All coverage listed below must name Sunnyside District Management Association as additional insured:

Broad form comprehensive liability coverage of $1,000,000 combined single limit for personal injury, bodily injury and property damage with an aggregate limit of $2,000,000.
Business automobile liability coverage of $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage.
Worker’s compensation coverage in the statutorily required amount.


Sunnyside Shines must receive all proposals, in writing, by 5:00pm on July 2, 2021.

Proposals must include:

Specific services included in the proposal, as detailed in the Scope of Work.

Fee for all work based on the guidelines set forth in this RFP, including all materials, transportation, labor, insurance costs, fees and any other relevant costs the proposer identifies which may not be specifically outlined in this RFP. Proposer must include ALL costs in the proposal. No additional fees, over time, cost overruns, etc. will be paid unless they occur as a result of Sunnyside Shines increasing the scope of the work outlined in this RFP.

List of the principal(s) and/or project manager(s) who will be responsible for the execution and/or oversight of the project.

List of at least three local references.


Bliss Plaza:

Lowery Plaza:


June 1, 2021