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More Details Announced on the Holiday Shopping Trolley!

November 16, 2017

It's official---the trolley route for our Sunnyside Holiday Shopping Trolley is here! Stopping most blocks within our district, the trolley will travel a continuous circuit, taking about 20 minutes to complete each trip. Stops will be marked with signage for clarity; you can hop on and off the trolley at any stop! For a fully detailed list of stops, scroll down.

Stay tuned as well for a full schedule of all other activities taking place during our Trolley days, including craft stations, facepainting, free samples, live entertainment, and more! Schedules for both November 25th and December 2nd will be posted November 17th.

List of Trolley Stops

* Starting Point: Sunnyside Taco, 42-22 Greenpoint Avenue
* I Love Paraguay Restaurant, 43-16 Greenpoint Avenue
* Permanent Beauty, 44-16 Greenpoint Avenue
* Musicalisimo, 45-08 Greenpoint Avenue
* Mid Block between 46th and 47th Street on Greenpoint Avenue
* 47th St between Queens Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue
* Avalon Florist, 47-06 Queens Boulevard
* Tibetan Dumpling Café, 49-08 Queens Boulevard
* Pearle Vision, 48-11 Queens Boulevard
* Red Wing Shoes, 47-01 Queens Boulevard
* Platinum Pharmacy, 46-21 Queens Boulevard
* E-Z Pawn Sunnyside, 45-21 Queens Boulevard
* Sugar Room, 44-21 Queens Boulevard
* Ida’s Nearabout, 43-13 Queens Boulevard
* The Lowery Bar and Kitchen, 43-02 43rd Ave.
* Advanced Dental, 41-11 Queens Boulevard
* Sunnyside Florist, 40-05 Queens Boulevard
* Dazies Restaurant, 39-41 Queens Boulevard
* ADL Jewelry and Watch Repair, 39-37 Queens Boulevard
* Lowery Wines and Liquors, 40-14 Queens Boulevard
* The Q StudioLab, 41-20 Queens Blvd (December 2nd Stop Only)
* Amazon Pharmacy, 43-10 Queens Boulevard
* South Pole, 44-04 Queens Boulevard
* KMIA Salon, 45-14 Queens Boulevard
* Bliss Vintage and Handmade, 45-06 46th Street
* Bing’s Gifts, 45-15 Greenpoint Avenue
* Green Valley Market, 44-07 Greenpoint Avenue
* Paper Plus Printing, 43-13 Greenpoint Avenue