The Kasbah Café

Halim and Amina- The Kasbah Café

Kasbah Café has a variety of delicious choices. Sweet, savory they have it all. Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere. The cozy, warm inviting atmosphere designed by Amina’s artistic eye, is what makes one feel right at home!


Owners, Halim and Amina officially began the food business in 2015 with a company called Hanna Sweets. There, Halim and Amina worked in catering, events, and street fairs. Throughout their experience, they were inspired to offer their food to a larger client base thus The Kasbah Café’s grand opening in June 2021.




At The Kasbah café, you can find the most delicious Albanian sweets along with savory dishes.

When asked why did you decide to open Kasbah Café in Sunnyside? They replied.

“We live in Sunnyside, our daughters go to Sunnyside schools, and we are a part of the Sunnyside community.”

Long-time locals Halim and Amina are a true powerhouse, the sweet and talented duo go above and beyond with their visions. They both come from different backgrounds of expertise however, due to their love and passion for food and creating new delicacies they decided to join forces and open their own café.

Halim comes from the Financial/Insurance industry, but never left the food business, he worked in multiple restaurants, mainly Italian and Lebanese. Halim has always had a love for food and recipe creation. Halim worked full-time in restaurants when he moved to the U.S “I fell in love with food and kitchen environment.” Every dish designed has been carefully put together to create a great dish that is sure to satisfy.

Amina is an architect, and has the hand of a goddess, she truly makes every creation look like art, symmetrical, and simply beautiful. When Amina became a mother, she fell in love with motherhood and so Amina decided to become a full-time mother. During school events, she started offering cookies at community events. Eventually, word got out about Amina’s amazing delicacies and sparked a tremendous interest in the Algerian embassy in the United Nations. After discovering her cookies, she was asked to cater for them and represent Algeria in the United Nations food events. Amina was hired as a chef in the Algerian embassy residence.

After some time, Amina and Halim decided to figure out a solution where they can do what they love and continue to be close to their girls. The Sunnyside locals jumped on the opportunity to start their own business in their hometown, allowing them to be close to their girls, home, and the community they love.

May 23, 2022