Baruir Coffee

baruir coffee owner mike nersesian

Baruir Coffee

Owner Mike Nersesian spills the beans on the secret of good coffee

Baruir’s Coffee has been roasting coffee in Sunnyside since 1966, when Mike Nersesian’s parents settled in Sunnyside after emigrating from Romania. His family had a coffee roasting business in Romania, and Nersesian and his wife have continued the tradition on Queens Boulevard. “The secret to good coffee,” Nersesian explained, “is good quality beans that are freshly roasted. It’s very simple. If the coffee is old it loses all of its good qualities.”

A giant coffee roaster adorns the front window of Baruir’s Coffee and it is used throughout the week to roast top-quality coffee beans, which are packaged and sold in the store. Nersesian says that the house blend, a mix of Colombian and Brazilian beans, is one of his top sellers. “We are famous for our iced coffee too,” said Nersesian, “and our secret? Coffee ice cubes. Customers pay for a cup of coffee, not for half a cup of water.” Brilliant.

Baruir’s Coffee | 40-07 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside

Published: February 7, 2013