Alpha Donuts

alpha donuts owner patty zorbas

Patty Zorbas

Owner Patty Zorbas has been dishing up breakfast in Sunnyside since the 70s

Have you noticed something new and bright yellow on Queens Boulevard? Alpha Donuts has a new, repaired sign after the original one was knocked down during Hurricane Sandy.

Patty Zorbas, owner of Sunnyside’s beloved Alpha Donuts, serves up one of the best breakfast deals in town. Where else can you get coffee, juice, a donut and eggs for just $3.95, served at a charming lunch counter? “Breakfast is our specialty,” Zorbas told us, “and our price is unbelievable!” The breakfast special is served seven days a week from 6:00 – 11:30am, and costs just $3.95 ($4.95 with bacon).

Zorbas has a strong connection to Sunnyside. Her family has owned Alpha Donuts since the late 1970s. She was born and raised in Greece, came to the United States when she was 17 and still lives a few minutes away in Woodside. “I have met people from all over the world in Sunnyside,” she said, “it’s so exciting.”

According to Zorbas, best sellers include the glazed donuts as well as vanilla and chocolate frosted donuts. Got a donut craving at 3am? Alpha Donuts has you covered – they’re open all night long.

Alpha Donuts | 45-16 Queens Boulevard (near 46th Street), Sunnyside

Published: March 18, 2013