Bon Café et Restaurant

Shana Choi of Bon Café et Restaurant

Last week, we had the pleasure to meet up with Shana Choi and Francine Kim of Bon Café et Restaurant, the latest small business to open in Sunnyside, Queens. Shana, the owner of the café and coffee shop, wanted to focus on Korean and American dishes that are healthy and fun, resulting in the creation of delicious signatures like Bon Café Green Salad and the Gochujang Pasta. Shana and her team also serves up an extensive coffee and beverages menu.



Bon Café et Restaurant is located at 41-31 Queens Blvd and is open daily. To learn more, see below for our quick interview with Shana and Francine!


Tell us more about yourself, your team, and Bon Café.

We are an unique café and coffee shop and want to feature healthy food and drinks as well and artisan coffee & other hot drinks. We hire local people to try to help our Sunnyside community as well.


What was the inspiration behind Bon Café and your menu? 

Shana wanted to make Korean and American food fun and healthy using key fresh food and fun sauces she makes, which is her specialty.


What are your personal favorites at Bon Café? 

Our favorite is the Korean Bibimbap over egg with fresh vegetables and the Grilled Salmon Salad and the Avocado Toast with many fun toppings.

Dirty Chai Latte & Caramel Latte is our favorite as well as the fresh smoothies.


How would you like to be supported as a small business? What types of assistance would benefit you?

Marketing and word of mouth to the customers in Sunnyside so we can grow organically.


Where can people learn more about Bon Café?

You can reach us on GrubHub and Instagram @bon_cafe_et_restaurant.

March 3, 2022