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Sunnyside Women's History Breakfast

April 18, 2024

The 1st Annual Sunnyside Women's History Breakfast Celebration is set to honor the remarkable contributions of women to our community, with a special focus on celebrating the legacy of Lily Gavin. Scheduled for Monday, April 29, from 8:30 AM to 10 AM, this event promises to be a morning of remembrance, inspiration, and community spirit.

Lily Gavin was a beacon of leadership and a source of inspiration for many in Sunnyside. Her tireless work and dedication to the community left an indelible mark that continues to inspire future generations of women leaders. This memorial breakfast is not just a tribute to her memory, but also a celebration of the spirit of female leadership and resilience. Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on Lily's contributions, share stories of her impact, and discuss ways to carry forward her legacy in their own lives and work.

The event will feature speakers who were close to Lily, as well as community leaders who continue to champion women's roles in shaping our society. It will be a time to connect with others who share a passion for community service and women's history, all while enjoying a morning meal together. Whether you knew Lily personally or are simply inspired by her story, the 1st Annual Sunnyside Women's History Breakfast Celebration is a meaningful way to honor her memory and celebrate the ongoing contributions of women to our community.