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Beautification & Streetscape Initiatives

Developing new ways to keep Sunnyside beautiful

How It Works

Initiatives that improve our streetscape and beautify the district create a better place to shop and do business.  With the generous support of Council Member Van Bramer, Sunnyside Shines helps beautify the district with hanging flower baskets along Queens Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue during the spring, summer and fall months.  The distinctive flower baskets add color and greenery to the neighborhood, and are maintained and watered by our maintenance team.

In early 2014, Sunnyside Shines launched its street tree initiative to improve the health and appearance of street trees in the commercial district.  This initiative will bring visible improvements to Queens Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue, including distinctive wrought iron tree guards, expanded tree pits and new street trees over the next few years.  Sunnyside Shines is accepting sponsorships from property owners, business owners and community members in order to support and expedite this important initiative.

Photo: Michael Rapp

Major Supporters