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Abrankian Back and Neck Center

May 19, 2019

If you’ve ever sought out a chiropractor in the neighborhood, you probably already know Dr. Abrankian, whose office on 48th Street in Sunnyside was opened in 1995. Dr. Abrankian wants to change the way people seek out back and posture care - his practice does much more than just treat pain. In fact, Dr. Abrankian would like to change the perception of chiropractic care, from ‘alternative’ health care to holistic preventive care, with medicine as the alternative. He works collaboratively with other health care providers in the neighborhood to provide a high level of holistic services to patients.

Dr. Abrankian’s family emigrated from Romania in the late 1970s and settled in Sunnyside. He grew up attending Queen of Angels Elementary School and now treats several former classmates in his practice. “Sunnyside is very much a connected community,” he told us.

Dr. Abrankian has a strong presence in this community, and often delivers presentations to schools and youth groups about the importance of good posture, especially related to carrying heavy school bags. “Posture plays an important role in our lives,” he said. His office performs chiropractic adjustments, advises on postural correction, provides wellness care and treats a variety of patient issues related to the nervous system.

Abrankian Back and Neck Center accepts all forms of private insurance, as well as union plans and Medicare. The practice is active on social media, with its own Facebook page and Youtube channel – be sure to visit them for a virtual tour of the office and helpful posture tips. (For those of you reading this on a phone or tablet, be sure to check out the section on “text neck” – yikes!)

Abrankian Back and Neck Center | 43-48 48th Street (just north of Queens Boulevard), Sunnyside, NYC